Budget VPS with Real Experience

VPS quality on a budgetTired of moving from one low cost VPS provider to the next? Then it is time to use a VPS hosting service provider that has been in business since 1999!

Low cost does not have to mean low quality of service.  Budgeting VPS needs can be a challenge for many businesses. But, sacrificing reliability and service for a lower cost virtual private server can prove both frustrating and expensive.  Go with a VPS host that has been time tested.  The free market has a way of picking winners.  Let a winner work for you.

Virtual Private Server Hosting with Great Options

  • Free migration services and 24/7 support
  • Deploy in 15 minutes
  • 99.9% up-time guaranteed
  • Lots of templates – Windows VPS, Centos VPS, Freebsd VPS, Ubuntu VPS, etc.
  • High performance redundant storage – cloud backups and snapshots
  • Full control – root or admin
  • Never overloaded – fast IO
  • Monthly pricing – cancel anytime

New to cloud computing?  If so this is not surprising.  Market watchers predict cloud spending will increase five to seven times, outpacing overall tech spending.  Due to the increasing number of hosting service providers offering cheap plans and services it is easy for a small business to waste time and money on an inexperienced start-up. That is why in order to keep low cost VPS not only low cost but low frustration it is so important to find a quality provider.  Use a VPS provider with a more than just a few years experience. Interserver Web Hosting and VPS Plans have been in the market longer than many in the IT field have been out of college.  Their time tested budget VPS hosting combined with the core principals of quality service and support make them a leading choice for many online operations today.

VPS Technology

Technology is really what sets Interserver apart from other companies. They own their own data-center, build their our own servers, have their own nationwide fiber network, and have built their own custom Linux kernel.  So it is nice to know that because Interserver handles every aspect of hosting that if ever there were a problem it won’t involve having to deal with 5 different companies to get it resolved.  Their product lineup is rich including not just web hosting, but low cost dedicated servers, colocation and managed VPS services as well unmetered window VPS.

Need Unmetered Windows VPS

unmetered windows VPS serviceAll VPS bandwidth packages are unmetered. There is no charge for overages and bandwidth is not tracked. Each VPS slice comes with an allocated amount of bandwidth per mbps. For up to date information on VPS unmetered bandwidth please visit their website or talk to one of their sales representatives. An unmetered windows virtual private server is a definite must for many small businesses so be sure to see what best windows vps packages are available.

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