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Torrent software and Torrents with VPN

This is just a quick announcement that our new page is up about the need for a VPN while downloading torrents and a little about torrenting.  Please visit that page for more information.

For those in search of Torrent client software

Below are some of the top free BitTorrent clients available on the Internet.  Stay legal, stay hidden, and stay free.  Hope you enjoy.

BitTorrents have been around for well over a decade now and with good reason.  A torrent is basically the decentralization and crowd sourcing of file sharing.  With the exception of you can be tracked, spied on, or throttled It is one of the greatest advancements in file sharing.  With inexpensive VPN services now available the problems of sharing and downloading file files through a BitTorrent client are easily overcome and so Torrents will likely live on for the foreseeable future. If your looking into downloading torrents then check out the free torrent clients below and then go to one of our VPN pages and sign up and protect yourself before you start any downloading.

Note:  When installing any “free” software be on the lookout for additional software that is often added in with your installation.  Free software is often used as a way to get users to install things like toolbars or advertising software that the user may not want.  So read carefully the installation instructions of any software you install on your computer or you will soon find your self seeing a lot of extra adds and new toolbars in your web-browsers.

BiTorrent & uTorrent

When it comes to BitTorrent clients the first two that come to mind are BiTorrent and uTorrent.  Both are now owned by the same company and are basically the same exact client with the exception for come cosmetic and layout changes.  These two clients are probably the most well known and popular of all the torrent clients. They are light, efficient, fast, and feature packed.  The downside is they have a bad history and are sometimes banned by many of the private torrent sites BitTorrent more so than uTorrent.


qBittorrent is a great choice.  It lacks some to the pretty graphs and extra information about the state and quality of the torrent download, but the trade off is a very efficient client.  It is faster than most dependent of course on the sources for your download and wont tax your ram and CPU as much.  This one is definitely growing in popularity.  Comes with a good number os sites in its default search and there are plugins to additional sites. qBittorrent provides a free open source alternative to uTorrent which can run on Windows, Linux, and Mac.


Tixati another top of the line torrent client.  You get an efficient program that also offers alot of information rapped into a nice interface.  Tixati has all the features for the average user will want in a stable attractive program.  The only draw back, and not a big one, is its lake of support for web seeds, but this may well change as it developers are responsive to their clients needs.  So if you plan on hitting up some of the 3 mil + torrents available at many seeded by web seeds then you will want another client else this is a good pick.


HMA torrent VPN clientFor those who want a little more meat on the bones of their Torrent client software then Vuze is the client for them.  Vuze comes with superior VPN and Proxy suppor (a very good idea) adding in the ability to stop all torrent activity when not on the VPN or Proxy.  You might also like its ability to stream and play HD video and integrate in with iTunes.  There all kinds of plugins available that make this a truly advance Torrent client.  The trade off is it is more heavy handed when it comes to CPU and RAM usage. But if your are a avid torrenter and extendability is your thing then this is the client for you.

Again it must be stressed to watch closely when you install these free torrent clients most have the ability to add in extra software, toolbars, or change your web browsers home page.  So pay attention and try to avoid the extras if you don’t want them.



An Infographic Guide to Content Management

The new internet is much more centered around content. That’s what savvy customers are searching for and what pushes pages to the top Bing, Google, and Yahoo. Every business has the possibility and opportunity to release web content that entices their audience to go beyond just typical digital age window shopping.

All business are at least slightly different which means that every content strategy should be different as well.   Importantly a content strategy can not be implemented very well without the right content management system or CMS.

There are an abundance of choices out there, but there is no one-size fits-all. Some systems work better for e-commerce businesses type content while other appeal to sites with increased visual and editorial content. It can all be a bit overwhelming so check out the infographic below to get a breakdown of some of the most prominent and dependable CMS options available.

This infographic was put together by Bluehost one of our favorite and affordable webhosting providers.  If you are looking for a great home for your website you can trust Bluehost to take care of you.  They have lots of options and great customer service.  Click here to go to their website and find a home today.

Infographic guide to Content Management systmes

Website update

We apologize for the inconvenience for those who are used to finding quality VPS / VPN services through our website.  We are completely updating our content.  New updated pages will be added shortly.  Thank you for your patronage and understanding as we go through this change.


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