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Private proxy servicesOver the years we have tried several private proxy services with different levels of success. If you are looking to buy proxies then we recommend these guys. A high anonymity proxy is must for anyone serious about certain types of search engine optimization. If you have any experience with SEO then nothing further needs to be said. Just give these guys a try. You won’t be disappointed. We currently utilize their services. Their proxies work with many tools that other proxy services won’t allow. They support anonymous HTTP and HTTPS protocol and require authentication so you are protected. Their proxies are fast, operational, and if you ever do have a problem they provide great support. Though we must admit that we have only contacted support once in the past year. But proxy support is something we are really glad to not have test out often.

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If you need online privacy, security, and anonymity?  Then buy private proxies today.

Three Day Money Back Guarantee. If your proxies do not work for your purpose simply contact support within three days of placing your order. If a solution cannot be found to make your proxies work for you then receive a full refund.

Shared proxies or private proxies. You can purchase shared proxies which are used simultaneously by multiple clients often at the same time. You can also buy private proxies which are used exclusively by you for as long as you rent them.

Private Proxy Guarantee. When you purchase private proxies you get private proxies. Private proxies are not shared with any other customer, we guarantee you will be the only one using those proxies.

Proxies work with any browser. You can use your proxies with almost any application that supports HTTP/HTTPS proxies. There is a how to section that provides tutorials to help you out.

Proxies for Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Yes your proxies will work great with Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. The can even be used on classified ads websites. There are no restriction on what website you can use your proxies.

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  • Definitely the best value for the money with proxy plans to meet everyone’s needs.
  • Proxies Guaranteed to work or your money back withing the first three days of purchase
  • Instant activation of private proxies upon purchase.
  • Extremely fast proxies hosted on powerful servers.
  • Live support available 24 hours a day.

What is the difference between a proxy and a VPN?

Whilst both of these technologies reroute your computers internet connection and change your IP address they do work in slightly different ways. A good analogy would be that a proxy is like wearing a mask to see the Internet and a VPN (Virtual Private Network) is like taking a train ride out to the Internet.

A proxy server is kind of like a filter. When a web browser like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc. accesses the internet through a proxy connection everyone on the Internet will “see” the proxy and not the original computer doing the surfing. Proxies offer anonymous internet access and can make it appear as though the original computer is from different geographical locations.

A proxy is useful for accessing websites that my limit who can see their content based on location or on the number of times a person is able to visit. People in school, colleges, and at work sometimes use proxies to access websites that these institutions might want to block. Often people will use special software in conjunction with several proxies at onetime in sets of ten, twenty, thirty, or more to set up and manage multiple accounts on websites or gain advantages at auctions, online trading, or when purchasing tickets. Shared proxies can be used by multiple persons from many locations at once while private proxies are used by one individual exclusively. With shared proxies you have to worry about other people getting them temporarily or even permanently banned.

A Virtual Private Network acts as an encrypted tunnel between your computer and a specific computer on the Internet. This could be a computer at work, home, or a service provider which is also attached to the internet. Increasingly cellphones and tablets use VPN access as well. VPNs are used to securely connect one business computer to another or a person remotely to their home network. VPNs are also used like a proxy to access the Internet through a host in a different location. VPNs utilize software to make a more secure connection than a proxy.
Both proxies and VPNs are important for business and expanding individual access to the internet. When purchasing these services save time and money by using our recommended providers. We have used them a know they will work for you.

The main consumers of VPNs are those interested in privacy, security not just access through a variety of IP addresses.  Renting proxies is best solution for those who use SEO software while renting a VPN is best for those who want to download torrents or want access location restricted websites.

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