An Infographic Guide to Content Management

The new internet is much more centered around content. That’s what savvy customers are searching for and what pushes pages to the top Bing, Google, and Yahoo. Every business has the possibility and opportunity to release web content that entices their audience to go beyond just typical digital age window shopping.

All business are at least slightly different which means that every content strategy should be different as well.   Importantly a content strategy can not be implemented very well without the right content management system or CMS.

There are an abundance of choices out there, but there is no one-size fits-all. Some systems work better for e-commerce businesses type content while other appeal to sites with increased visual and editorial content. It can all be a bit overwhelming so check out the infographic below to get a breakdown of some of the most prominent and dependable CMS options available.

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Infographic guide to Content Management systmes

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