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VPS VPN optionsLooking for a virtual private server hosting

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  • VPS Web Hosting Defined: VPS hosting utilizes a virtual private server residing in a data center and is partitioned so that each part has its own separate operating system and allocated separate disc space and bandwidth.
  • The VPS account holder when logged into their virtual server will only see their virtual environment with the ability to reboot their portion of the server and use it as if it was their own dedicated server. For many purposes a VPS is the functional equivalent of a dedicated physical server, but more easily configured and less expensive. VPS hosting serves as a good bridge between shared hosting and dedicated hosting for those that foresee needing a dedicated server in the future.
  • Do I Need a VPS? If you have a large amount of stored files, dynamic content, multiple sites, or the potential for major web traffic, then you might want to consider upgrading to a VPS. A VPS can be a powerful package allowing you to do much more than you can with a shared hosting plan, but requires less investment than a full blown dedicated server.

Need virtual private network access

VPN service providerA VPN secures your computer’s internet connection by encrypting data before sending and receiving it. Your computer connects securely to the VPN server and the VPN server acts as your front man making you anonymous on the Internet. A virtual private network has you the added advantage of giving you its geographical location. So if you are traveling and don’t want to be restricted or spied upon by other countries or your location connect to a VPN located in your home country first before surfing the internet.

A VPN is very important to people who want internet privacy on public Wi-Fi, while at school or work, while downloading torrents, or want to watch their favorite TV shows while traveling. People who care about their communications and want them secure, encrypted, and away from prying eyes whether they’re at home or abroad will want to buy a VPN service. For the best VPN client that does not monitor or keep logs click here.

Are high anonymity proxies a must

private proxiesProxies can be useful for gaining access to websites that my limit who can see their content based on location or on the number of times a person is able to visit. College students and people at work sometimes use proxies to access websites that these institutions might want to block. Special software in conjunction with several proxies can be used to set up and manage multiple accounts on websites or to gain advantages when purchasing tickets online, at online auctions, and with online trading.

  • Proxies are different than a VPN in that your data is not encrypted and protected before leaving your computer. Good proxies do offer anonymous internet and can make it appear as though the original computer is in a different locations.

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Website Hosting recommendations

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